About Your Dentist

Fred Zietz, DDS


Welcome to West University Family Dentistry. Our team of dedicated professionals would like to assure you an enjoyable and relaxing visit. This is accomplished through state of the art technology, friendly communication between patients and dentist, and - above all - a genuine desire for optimal dental outcome. We not only want you to keep your teeth for a lifetime, but also to enjoy them. This is best accomplished by treating the entire mouth including periodontal (gum) structure. To enhance your dental experience, we offer "no shot fillings", medications that can help relieve anxiety or discomfort, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and stereo headphones.


Established in 1985.

We have been located on the west side of Madison for about 32 years. We have been flexible with patients and try to make them feel at ease. Dr. Zietz was born in Wisconsin and wanted to have a family business as he is a "people' person. Check out our web site for other information.

Meet the Business Owner

Fred Z.

Business Owner

Born in Milwaukee in 1960. Dr. Zietz got through college and dental school in 7 yrs. He moved to Colorado and then to Madison.

He and his wife have 4 children and three are still in school.

They spend most of their time with family, but love to get out and explore when time allows. Many times this is in connection with some dental educational experience.