About Your Team

Tanner , Practice Manager of Operations

Tanner is the Practice Manager of Operations at West University Family Dentistry. He oversees all of the operational aspects of the clinic and provides leadership and coaching to the clinic’s staff. 

Tanner is pursuing a Master of Healthcare Administration degree at Purdue University and is excited to use his education to improve patient experience and healthcare outcomes. 

Before working in healthcare, Tanner was a small business owner in rural Wisconsin and then lived and worked in Bangkok, Thailand, for two years. He is fluent in Spanish and English and uses his language skills to make patients feel more comfortable. 

During his free time, he enjoys golfing, traveling, running, and spending time with his family.


Karina, our excellent hygienist, always welcomes everyone with a warm smile. Her passion and compassionate care for her patients make coming to the dental office easy and fun. 

Karina enjoys traveling, running, biking, and spending time with her family when not in the office.


Delilah is West University’s outstanding business assistant. She serves everyone walking through the doors at West University Family Dentistry and is likely the first smile patients see as they enter the practice. From scheduling patients for important dental visits to finding ways for patients to make dental care fun and affordable, she does it all! 

When she is not in the office, Delilah likes to spend time with her five children.

Laurie , Dental Assistant

This is our dental assistant, Laurie. She enjoys making the clinic a comfortable space for patients and helping them achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. When she is not at work, she likes spending her time outside and traveling.